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The Landings at Chandler Crossings Reviews

At The Landings at Chandler Crossings, we understand that students deserve the best off-campus housing experience. Because we strive to ensure each resident in our community is receiving the best lifestyle possible, we want valuable feedback from current and former residents, which will allow us to take care of you.

See for yourself why our student housing apartments near MSU are what you’re looking for.

"So far, I have really enjoyed leasing at the Landings. The office staff is always very helpful and kind. They often give you deals when you release. The apartments are a great fit for college students. I would recommend leasing at the Landings over other apartment complexes."
-Morgan A.

"What a wonderful place to live! The apartment layouts are well thought out and quite modular. The furniture is modern and of high quality. The facilities are clean and great to use. The bus stop right at the apartment has been incredibly beneficial in helping me get to and from school.

Any issues or questions you may have can be quickly addressed in the office with friendly staff. My keycard stopped working, and a staff member named Sydney promptly helped me exchange mine for a functioning unit. I can’t praise this place highly enough."
-Logan M.

"Not only do the apartments provide that "at home" experience with more than enough space for you and your roommates, but the staff is also truly amazing. For this being my first summer in East Lansing, I wouldn't have wanted to sign a lease with any other apartment. The community here is one of a kind, and being able to utilize all the various amenities amongst the 3 Chandler properties only brings the community closer. They have weekly social events / free food, which is amazing and is a great way to get to know those around you.

Although they are farther from campus, the quality of the apartments and the amenities are worth the distance; plus, you're getting a bus pass included in your lease, so there's nothing to worry about! I just moved out of the dorms, so this was my first apartment lease, and with that being said, I don't see myself going anywhere else.

Brandon Odell was extremely helpful in providing any information I needed in order to take over someone's lease and look into renewing my current lease. I didn't even know how to sign a check at the time for rent (I know, quite sad), but he was more than happy to help me through it. If it weren't for such great staff members like Brandon, I wouldn't have felt comfortable enough signing a lease through the Landings. For the price, space, amenities, community, and excellent staff, the Landings is one of a kind."
-Brandon P.

"Me and a bunch of friends moved in this fall. We have had a few problems along the way, but the office staff was always so accommodating and helpful. My roommate and I have enjoyed ourselves so much these first few months that we are resigning for next year!

I’ve recommended this place to all of my friends and my boyfriend and his friends already. Chandler crossing has everything you need. Free transportation. Friendly staff. Clean neighborhoods. Exceptional amenities which we try to take full advantage of. My friends and my cats couldn’t be happier with our decision! 10/10 would recommend."
-Sydney R.

"Living at the Landings has been a great experience. I was roommate matched, and one of my roommates has become one of my best friends! I was a little nervous going through the process, but the staff was very helpful!

My favorite part about living at The Landings is having my own bathroom. I don't have to share a community bathroom or worry about someone getting in the shower before me. It is fully furnished, so all I had to bring was decorations! Perfect apartment for a college student looking for the best deal!"
-Christina P.